Would you like to acquire more coaching or therapy clients on a predictable basis? 

Are you tired of relying on “Hope” marketing ? Meaning wishing that somebody from a networking event you attended 2 months ago would reach out. Or hoping that word of mouth around your skills does its magic and would make the phone ring.

Instead, secure your future and follow these 3 tips to grow your coaching or therapy business today:

1- First, get online!
Your business needs to be on the internet. You need to have a formal website for your practice and create a FB Business page.

Start to publish valuable content on your Facebook page regularly. Share insights and information that you know will help your coaching clients.

For instance, you could have noticed that many people you served initially struggled with their self-confidence. 

Perhaps you can share with your community an article from a best-selling author who explains that feeling fearful before a new situation is perfectly normal, and that doesn’t mean it's a sign they should stop and not take action. You can encourage them to consciously gather their courage, feel the fear and do it anyway.

Your first goal is to make it possible and easy for your potential clients to find you online. It is very important for the process of building your brand awareness and your authority in the therapy or coaching industry.

2- Get referrals
An amazing way to grow your coaching or therapy practice is to think about satisfied clients that you were proud to help. People for whom you made a difference and generated great results. 

Go ahead and reach out to them. Tell them directly that if they ever think about someone that could benefit from your support, to not hesitate to refer him or her to you and that you'll be glad to help.

You can also ask them for a testimonial, with the permission to put it on your website. This is social proof for other people that don’t know you yet, which increases their level of trust in you and is evidence that you can bring results to people like them.

In the testimonial, the client can explain how you helped him achieve his goals. He can briefly describe his initial situation when he first started working with you, compared to where he is at now, and how you helped him make the change. 

3- Focus in order to grow
The third tip to acquire more clients and grow your practice is to brainstorm what are the different types of clients you help. You then drill down to the similarities between the clients you achieved the most transformative results for, or the ones you enjoyed working with the most. 

This segment of clients can be your niche and you can decide to specialize in helping them exclusively.

Focusing on them exclusively will simplify all the day-to-day activities in your practice. Because you always work with the same type of clients, soon you will get to know them really really well and it will be easier for you to create clean and repeatable processes in your practice. 

You will learn to get your clients massive results and you will soon build a solid reputation as a specialist in a certain field. 

You will also more easily be able to grow your practice, because it will have less complexity in it. Meaning, you could serve more coaching clients in your schedule with less effort, because you have less variety among your clients base.

- Safaa

Safaa El Asraoui

Safaa is a Digital Marketing Consultant that helps coaches and therapists build successful practices, using online methods. She is an expert at growing their clients base by implementing business fundamentals, such as marketing & sales strategies and putting some key technology in place. 
If you're interested in scaling up your practice and acquiring more clients, then definitely reach out and request a free strategy session today.
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