What Is Your Coaching Client Avatar?
You can't easily move forward if your windshield is dirty.

Clarity is very important when it comes to running your practice strategically. You have to be clear on who your ideal clients are so that you can better attract and serve them in the future.

To start the thinking process, you can ask yourself these few key questions :

1. Who are your repeat coaching or therapy clients?
If you already found your community, you will know it because they are the ones who can’t get enough of your advise. Keep on learning as much as possible about them. Everything from their habits, goals, dreams, challenges, preferences, past and what they will spend their income on (which is, by the way, more important than how much they make).

2. Who do you want to work with? 
Often, they are the ones who share your passion, interests and goals. If your personality and methodology, as a coach or therapist, mix well with those of your clients, you will naturally gravitate towards them and you will have a great connection together. 

In fact, we tend to like and trust people who are similar to us or people like who we want to be.

Finding a community you really sync with will be paramount to your success as a coach or therapist.

And this starts with knowing who you are, by asking yourself questions such as: 
What is my passion? 
What could I talk about for hours? 
What do people always ask me help for? 
When was I the happiest in my life?...

For instance, remember that trip you took several years ago and relive the emotions you experienced. Perhaps you felt so free, adventurous and curious about new cultures. This might be a clue of the emotions you most value in your life.

3. How do you serve your clients? 
Do you prefer to coach one-on-one or in group settings? 
Do you do virtual coaching/therapy or only face-to-face in your brick-and-mortar practice? 
Do you package your offer in, let’s say, 10 sessions with a specific duration for each session, or are you more flexible? 

4. What problem do you solve for your clients? 
Do you coach them to reach a specific goal or do you use therapy tools to help them heal past traumas? 
What specific need do they have? For example, do they want to build the confidence to leave their work as an employee and start a business or do they want to overcome a challenge in their intimate relationship?

5. What do your people deeply desire?
What does your client really want? What does he secretly dream about?

Grab a pen and a paper and take the time to reflect and brainstorm on these questions. This will shed more light on your client avatar and help you find your "ideal" clients, those with whom you can naturally establish a deep and meaningful connection. Really getting to know the people you serve is a critical foundation to build a thriving practice.

- Safaa

Safaa El Asraoui

Safaa is a Digital Marketing Consultant that helps coaches and therapists build successful practices, using online methods. She is an expert at growing their clients base by implementing business fundamentals, such as marketing & sales strategies and putting some key technology in place. 
If you're interested in scaling up your practice and acquiring more clients, then definitely reach out and request a free strategy session today.
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